Academic Programs Abroad in Italy and Greece

The Classics Section has in recent years regularly offered an intersession program including travel to Rome and Greece. Students participating in this program have done preparatory coursework on campus during the Fall semester. The next abroad program will be offered Wintersession 2013.

Students will travel throughout Greece studying the art, archaeology, and culture of Ancient Greece. During the program, students will encounter ancient culture (from the Bronze Age to the Classical Age) through extensive visits including Minoan sites (Knossos, Phaistos, Chania), Mycenaean sites (Mycenae, Tiryns), and major sites of the classical period in Athens, Olympia, and Delphi. Class will be conducted in museums and archaeological sites. No knowledge of Greek is necessary. All participants will be required to register for and attend a 1-credit orientation course during the Fall semester. Contact: Matthew Semanoff,, 243-5637.

The program is also listed at the IP website: (