Le Cercle Francophone

The purpose of Le Cercle Francophone (French Club) is to educate and provide further exposure to the French language and culture.

Conversation Table

La Table Francophone (our weekly conversation table) is held every Wednesday at 7pm , at Java U on Helen Avenue. La Table is a good place for anyone interested in practicing hers or his French, as we have people of all skill levels, from first years to native speakers, that attend regularly.

French Film Series

French Film Series presented by Le Cercle Francophone and FACE
All films are in French with English subtitles at the UC Theater  at 7 p.m.  FREE!!

French Films on Campus

March 1 - Eldorado  2008   Director: Bouli Lanners  80 mins.
            When gruff Belgian car dealer finds his home ransacked, Yvan (Bouli Lanners), in a hilarious confrontation, catches the intruder (Fabrice Adde), a young heroin addict. The unlikely duo then set out in Yvan’s vintage Chevrolet to return Elie to his parents, encountering outlandish characters on their trip. Beautifully photographed by Jean-Paul de Zaetijd and written and directed with intelligence and a wonderfully absurdist sense of humor by its star actor.

March 3 -  Il y a longtemps que je t’aime [I’ve Loved You So Long]  2008   Director: Philippe Claudel. 117 mins.
Kristin Scott Thomas deftly plays Juliette Fontaine, a former physician who’s just completed a 15-year jail sentence for murdering her young son. Her younger sister, literature professor Léa (Elza Zylberstein), takes her in, anxious not to upend her family’s middle-class comfort. Juliette slowly readjusts to civilian life, but her calm is punctuated by spiky outbursts.

March 8 - La Graine et le mulet [The Secret of the Grain]  2007
Director: Abdellatif Kechiche 151 mins.
When the job of elderly dockworker Slimane (Habib Boufares) in the Southern French city of Sète is no longer secure, he decides to turn restore an old boat into a couscous restaurant. The ailing patriarch will need his whole vivacious North African family to pull off this ambitious project — from his ex–wife and their children, to his longtime lover and her determined daughter.

March 15 – Un Secret [A Secret]  2001 Director: Claude Miller.  97 mins.
       In post–World War II Paris, solitary François imagines a brother and his parents’ past. One day, he discovers that before the war and his birth, his father Maxime (Patrick Bruel) was married to Hannah with whom he had a son. Then Maxime met Tania (Cécile de France), with whom he fell in love. When the Nazis invaded France, Maxime left for the free zone. On her way to meet him with their son, Hannah made a decision that changed their lives forever, leaving Maxime and Tania to make difficult choices to survive the war. They started a new family, but now must revisit the past.

March 22 – Un Baiser s’il vous plaít [Shall We Kiss?] 2007
Director: Emmanuel Mouret 102 mins.
       Longtime best friends Nicolas (Mouret) and Judith (Virginie Ledoyen) decide to become physically intimate, though they’re both in fulfilling relationships. As their friendship turns to passion, they concoct a wild plan to set up their exes–to–be. This story–within–a–story is narrated by another young woman as sparks fly between her and a stranger she meets on a trip. But she won’t even give him a single kiss, because of what happened to Nicolas and Judith, or will she?


This program was made possible with the support of the Cultural Services of the French Embassy, the Cultural Ministry of France.  For more information contact: or or

Also underway are plans for a Fall and Spring Soirée. Location and dates will be announced as soon as they have been set.

Contact Information

Information about upcoming events is available, through weekly e–mails to those on the list, before it is available here. If you would like to be on the e–mail list, please send an e–mail to

For more information, contact Shannon Schreiner at, or at 546–4618.