Spring Semester in Germany and Austria 2010

Komm mit nach Deutschland und Österreich!

Vienna, Austria and a study trip to Germany

German faculty members have accompanied University of Montana students to Vienna, Austria since 1973 for an exciting Spring-term experience. As part of the Study Abroad Program in the spring of 2010, we will visit Heidelberg and Neckargemünd, Germany before we travel to Vienna where we will spend the rest of the semester. Professor Hiltrud Arens of the UM Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures Department will direct the program.

Following an intensive three-week preparation and orientation period on the Missoula campus (end of January to mid-February), participants will depart for Germany, where they will spend about one week exploring Berlin and Potsdam and visiting various historical and cultural sights in the area. This visit will be the students' introduction to a German-speaking country and will help them get adjusted to continental Europe. From here, the group will travel to Vienna, Austria for the final two months. Participants will become acquainted with the people, the culture(s) and the history of these special German-speaking places.

In addition to enrolling in five University of Montana courses (16 credits), student participants will take part in numerous fascinating excursions, attend several theater and musical performances, and participate directly in many aspects of European culture and contemporary life. In Heidelberg/Neckargemünd and Vienna, participants live with host families, which will help the students to acclimate quickly to their foreign surroundings and get acquainted with both Germans and Austrians and their differing cultures. Thus they will also have the opportunity to improve their German-language skills through daily contact with German native speakers as well as through formal course work. In Passau, the students will stay in a youth hostel. In all cases, the accommodations will be arranged in advance.

All students will be expected to take part in all regular program activities, including formal course work and official excursions, but ample time will be made available for pursuing individual interests. For instance, approximately halfway through the semester, during Easter vacation, students will be given a week from regular activities to travel. If they wish, at the conclusion of the semester (approximately the beginning of May) they have the option of staying in Europe either to travel or to work.

Requirements for Participation:

To be eligible, students must have completed the equivalent of three semesters of college-level German by the end of fall semester 2009 and must show proof of adequate health insurance. Students from all academic disciplines may apply. Application forms are available in the beginning of the fall semester 2009 from Professor Arens in LA 436 or from the Modern and Classical Languages & Literatures Department Main Office (LA 312). Completed applications accompanied by a $150 non-refundable deposit are due no later than Friday, October 12, 2009.