Japanese Majors Planning to Study Abroad

Students preparing to study abroad in Japan are asked to remember that Japanese 411 (Japanese Thinkers and Writers) is required for all Japanese majors.

Take full advantage of the courses offered at your Japanese university, but remember that Japanese 411 will have to be completed upon return to Missoula.

This course is a advanced-level Japanese literary reading and criticism course, not a traditional fourth-year language class, and it unlikely that you will be able to take an equivalent course at a Japanese university. In the event that you have taken a course that might be comparable (for example, a high-level modern Japanese literature/criticism course taught in Japanese, with appropriate translation, composition, and other course components), it will be necessary to review with your UM professors the course syllabus, tests, papers, and homework upon your return, in order to determine whether or not there is sufficient parity to merit a special exception.

Please be mindful of the fact that Japanese "current" course catalogs do not necessarily accurately reflect the available offerings at an institution in any given year, owing to faculty departures, sabbatical leaves, and a variety of other scheduling and funding factors. Students for this reason need to prepare backup plans as well as to be flexible regarding their final selection of courses. Courses that a student wishes, or needs, to take for graduation that cannot be taken at the institution in question will need to be taken at UM following the student's return to Missoula.

Courses successfully completed at an accredited Japanese university are generally listed 'as is' on a student's transcript, without any stated equivalencies with UM courses. The question of what constitutes an equivalency is worked out on a case by case basis in the Japanese section each fall, when students return with their transcript of courses completed.

Please remember that it is your responsibility to seek advising early regarding which courses to take in Japan, transfer credits, or readiness for graduation. It is also important to stay in close contact with your advisor throughout your exchange and to raise questions about scheduling problems or other issues arising at the earliest opportunity. Please retain your email correspondence for later reference.