Japanese Student Association at the University of Montana

Japan Friendship Club of Montana
A grass-roots organization since 1994, welcomes and provides hosting for visitors from Japan to Missoula. Co-sponsors, with UM Japan Club, annual Japan Festival for community.

Missoula Cultural Council

Consulate General of Japan in Seattle

Japan Foundation

Ministry of Education

2008 Hiroshima Nagaskai Exhibit

First Year Japanese

Yookoso Video Guide - How to use the Interactive CD CD (exe) (pdf)

Yookoso Video Guide - How to access the Online Learning Center (exe) (pdf)

Manuscript Paper (genkooyooshi)

Map of Japan - see Moodle course supplement

Hiragana mnemonic sheets - on Moodle course supplement

Another set of picture aids for hiragana - also on Moodle course supplement

Hiragana and Katakana stroke order movies

Games, Quizzes, and other Flashcards for Hiragana & Katakana

Kanji Writing Practice sheets

Kanji: an Overview video podcast

Kanji Flashcards

Online Kanji Exercises for Yookoso! from Wake Forest University

Kanji movies from MIT

Kanji Alive from the University of Chicago