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Our Students and Graduates

If you are an alumnus of our program and would like to be included on this site, please contact Dr. Ona Renner-Fahey at We would love to hear from you!

Our Graduates


  • Joel Beckham, Russian Major
  • Jane Blevins, Russian and Business Majors
  • Krista Ford, Russian Major
  • Taylor Keister, Russian and German Majors
  • Emily Koffler, Russian and Political Science Majors
  • Tamara Lemeza, Russian Major
  • Tyler Theisen, Russian Major. After graduation, Tyler volunteered in the Peace Corps in Moldova.


  • Dailen Aichlmayr, Major in Russian. Dailen taught English in Russia following graduation.
  • Victoria Allen, Major in Russian
  • John Dunkum, Major in Russian
  • Vadeem Lemeza, Majors in Russian and Business


  • Ryan Berkshire, Majors in Russian and Music
  • Tyler Dolan, Majors in Russian and English.
  • Elizabeth Fullerton, Russian Major. Following graduation, Liz spent time in Tajikistan and then worked in Kazakhstan with the Peace Corps.


  • Chad Chittenden, Russian Major.
  • Jessica Eddison, Russian Major.
  • Abby Grewatz, Majors in Russian and Anthropology. Following graduation, Abby taught English in Moscow for a year. She then pursued a Master’s Degree at the University of Oregon, where she studied Russian folk art.
  • Lily Scott, Majors in History and Russian. Lily entered a PhD program in Slavic at Berkeley.
  • Sarah Turner, Russian Major.


  • Katie Cole, Majors in French and Russian. Following graduation, Katie taught English in France.
  • Mylisa Jones, Majors in Russian and History. Mylisa received a Master's Degree in Slavic from the University of Kansas.
  • Mike Sherwood, Majors in History, Political Science and Russian.
  • Mike Welch, Majors in History and Russian.
  • John Windsor, Russian Major.


  • Shannon Criswell, Russian Major.
  • Jubal Watson, Majors in Russian and Liberal Studies.
  • Tessa Zolnikov, Russian Major. Following graduation, Tessa attended two summer Russian language programs and did volunteer work in Tajikistan. Following that she pursued an MBA at UM.


  • Anthony Kranz, Russian Major.
  • Hannah Heimbuch, Majors in Journalism & Russian.


  • Kristina Gizinski, Russian Major.
  • Thomas Barret, Russian Major. Following graduation, Thom spent a year in Russia teaching English.

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