Professor Paul Haber
Tel: 243-4862
Office: Liberal Arts Rm. 355

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Spend a Summer in Mexico

Description of Courses

All students take three courses while in Mexico. There are also a number of field trips. Some of the field trips are closely related to the courses, such as visiting a sustainable forestry project. Others are of more general interest, such trips to archeological ruins. Others are just plain fun, like going to the beach or hiking a volcano.

  1. Spanish Language Study
    Three to five credits, depending on level. Class size will be no larger than four or five students per language instructor. All instructors are native speakers. Students will be grouped by ability and receive credits for the UM course appropriate to their level (Spanish 101, 102, 201, 202 or 308.) 308 is a special Spanish language course developed specifically for study abroad which combines both grammar and conversation. 308 can accommodate many levels of language ability.
  2. Politics of Mexico
    Instructor: Paul Haber.
    The first half of this course introduces students to the history and current situation in Mexico. The second half focuses on Mexican migration to the United States.
  3. Development Administration
    Instructor: Paul Haber.
    This course concentrates on the sustainable development and the political history of economic development in Mexico with a regional focus on the P√°tzcuaro area. Classes taught by Professor Haber are in English.