Professor Paul Haber
Tel: 243-4862
Office: Liberal Arts Rm. 355

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Spend a Summer in Mexico

Program Costs to Students


In-state UM tuition and fees  $2200.00 (approximate) 
Out of state tuition $7000.00 (approximate – see Prof. Haber) 
*Family stays
$22.50 a day (room and board) X 35
CELEP fees
60 hours of in-class
language instruction
Program fee
*Program fee covers field trips, program expenses, and some of the program director's expenses.
Out of pocket expenses:
Travel to and from Pátzcuaro $650.00  (approximate, depends on mode of travel and changing fare prices)
Spending money variable (about 700-800 dollars is usually adequate)
Estimated total with in-state tuition: $5000.00

Application and Deposit:

Students are requested to write a brief statement of application (one to two pages) that addresses the following questions: 1) Why do you want to go on this program? 2) What personal attributes or experiences do you have that prepare you to do well in this program? In your application, please include the following information: year in school and major; student ID number and six digit cyberbear pin number; level of Spanish that will be completed at the end of the spring 2013 semester; phone number and email address. Please send the application to Paul Haber

To secure a place in the program, students are required to pay a $500.00 deposit. This deposit will be credited toward the cost of the program. Refunds will be given only for emergency situations at the discretion of the program director.

Health Insurance:

Students are required to demonstrate proof of insurance with international coverage. The student coverage offered by the University of Montana is adequate, as are many other plans.

If interested:

Students interested in the program should contact Professor Paul Haber either by phone or email. He is happy to answer all questions and concerns. Interested students are encouraged to consult the program's web page at