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Spend a Summer in Mexico

Financial Aid


If you are going to apply for a loan, you should fill out a Summer Supplement for Financial Aid. If you have used all your loan money for the year, and you are a dependent, your parents may qualify to take out a loan. The form they need to fill out is called a PLUS (Parental Loan for Undergraduate Students). Both these forms are available at Griz Central starting early in spring semester. Best to apply as soon as you can (March is fine, April is cutting it close).


Professor Haber is aware of the following scholarship sources:

  1. Honors College. Contact them directly and tell them you would like to apply for a grant to be used for this study abroad program.
  2. Office of International Programs. Contact them directly and tell them you would like to apply for a grant to be used for this study abroad program.
  3. Political Science Department. Available only for political science students. See Professor Haber.
  4. Office of the Provost. Contact them and inquire regarding study abroad scholarships.
  5. College of Arts and Sciences. Available in the spring. Contact the Dean's Office directly.
  6. Mansfield Center. Pat Williams Scholarship. Available in November. Contact Deena Mansur.
  7. Latin American Studies Department. Open only to Latin American Studies Minors. Contact Maria Bustos or Paul Haber. Available usually only in November.

An option to ponder

Many students would like to go on the program but determine that they and their families can not afford it. This is understandable, because not only do you have to come up with the cost of the program but students also can not work for wages during the time they are in Mexico. Finally, to top it off, participating in a summer program asks students to pay for what amounts to almost three semesters of tuition instead of two.

One option that some students have used is to take off a semester (spring before or fall after). Since all students take at least nine credits in this program (and depending on Spanish level, may take as many as 12) this in itself is almost a semester. Students also have the option of taking additional independent study credits. Thus, it becomes possible to take a semester off from the regular academic year, safe those expenses, and also work during this period to pay for the program.


Remember, Professor Haber is available to advise you on your finances. Talk to him.