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General Assembly Plenary
1. The situation in Afghanistan and its implications for international peace and security.
2. Enforcement of UN sanctions.

Economic - Social
1. Economic and other activities that affect the interests of the peoples of the Non-Self Governing Territories.
2. Economic and social repercussions of Israeli occupation on the living conditions of Palestinian people in the occupied territory, including Jerusalem, and of the Arab population in occupied Syrian Golan.

Human Rights
1. Strengthening the coordination of emergency humanitarian assistance of the UN.
2. Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

GA 1
1. Assistance to states for curbing the illicit traffic in small arms.
2. Terrorism

Security Council

1. Iraq
2. East Timor

International Court of Justice (ICJ)
1. Intro
2. Congo Memorial
3. Belgium Counter-Memorial

GA 6
1. Defining aggression.
2. Reproductive cloning of human beings.

1. Options for development of the international patent.
2. Enforcement of WIPO agreements


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