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Writing Guide

"Position Papers are formal statements of a country's policy regarding a particular issue. Every delegation, in every committee, for every topic must write a Position Paper. Position Papers should be approximately one page long; they should briefly frame the situation under discussion, describe how it relates to the country, state the country's stance on the issue, and finally discuss possible scenarios through which the issue may be resolved. (Note, however, that Position Papers in no way resemble Draft Resolutions.)

Each Position Paper must have a heading. The first line shows the committee for which the Position Paper is written, the second line shows the topic, and the third line shows the country.

One page is not long. All statements, therefore, ought to have a strong purpose-every sentence should count. Research your topics and country stances vigorously, then, before writing the Position Papers, so you might make the best use of the space allotted.

Position Papers must be sent by 4 November 2002.

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