Montana Model United Nations 2000
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Conference Format

Montana Model United Nations (MMUN) is a mock simulation of the United Nations for Montana high school students held during the Monday and Tuesday before Thanksgiving. Each delegate must write backgrounds on their country, research their committee topics and submit draft resolutions prior to the conference. While at the conference delegates use various speaking, debating, writing and negotiating skills to represent the positions of their country.

Delegates represent countries in the following MMUN committees. The Secretariat assigns three topics to each committee. In addition, all committees will also need to debate a Crisis topic which is given to the delegates at the conference in order to test their reaction to new international situations.

  • General Assembly Plenary
  • General Assembly 1st Committee
  • Commission on Human Rights
  • Commission on Social Development
  • Security Council
  • A.S.E.A.N.
  • World Trade Organization
  • United Nations Environmental Programme
  • International Court of Justice (ICJ)

Each committee, with the exception of the ICJ, is run by a chair and a staff of one to three other people, who will evaluate, vice-chair, and rapporteur. These committees debate the three assigned topics and the crisis topic and vote on resolutions pertaining to each.

The ICJ is chaired by the ICJ Coordinator and a staff of two court attaches. The International Law Class taught by Professors David Aronofsky and Sally Cummings act as court counselors and counselors of each party and submit briefs on two contemporary world court cases. The delegates, as judges, then render the decision of the court at the end of the two day conference. ICJ will have only one topic.

There will be a Crisis topic that will affect all committees. This crisis will grow and develop as the conference progresses. Check this website for updates.

At the closing of the MMUN conference, awards and scholarships are given to those delegates who were most effective.


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