Montana Model United Nations 2000
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2000 Country List

MMUN 2000 Participating Countries

Australia Gabon Pakistan
Austria Germany Panama
Bahrain Hungary Peru
Bangladesh India Philippines
Belarus Indonesia Russian Federation
Belgium Iraq Saudi Arabia
Bosnia & Herzegovina Japan Sierra Leone
Brazil Jordan South Africa
Cambodia Kenya Spain
Canada Laos Sri Lanka
China (People's Republic) Liberia Sweden
Colombia Libya Syria
Costa Rica Madagascar Thailand
Cuba Malaysia United States
Czech Republic Mexico Venezuela
Denmark Namibia Vietnam
DPR of Korea (North) Nepal Zambia
Egypt Netherlands  
France Norway  

2000 MMUN Participating Schools & Advisors

  • Anaconda H.S. (Angela McLean)
  • Beaverhead County H.S. (Sue Jensen)
  • Big Sky H.S. (Vicky Roche)
  • Bozeman Senior H.S. (John Free/Joyce Hannula/Kraig Koschnick)
  • Butte H.S. (Mike Lawson/Pat Monahan)
  • C.M. Russell H.S. (Tom Cubbage/Scott Clapp)
  • Corvallis H.S. (Doug McConnaha)
  • Darby H.S. (Steve Gideon)
  • Florence-Carlton H.S. (Bob Edgar)
  • Frenchtown H.S. (Merle Johnston/Liz Delaney)
  • Gardiner H.S. (Christina Cote)
  • Great Falls H.S. (Suzanne McGregor)
  • Hellgate H.S. (Ken Lousen/Marilyn Ryan)
  • Jefferson H.S. (Fritz Bieler/Diane Thompson)
  • Park Senior H.S. (John Feckanin)
  • Seeley Swan H.S. (Marty Jacobson)
  • Sentinel H.S. (Margo Duneman)
  • Shields Valley H.S. (Carol Galey)
  • Stevensville H.S. (Ann McGovern)
  • St. Ignatius H.S. (Tim Biggs)
  • Superior H.S. (Colin Bishop)
  • Twin Bridges H.S. (Jory Thompson/Kate Cox


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