Montana Model United Nations 2000
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2000 Montana Model United Nations Awards

Best School: Butte High School
Best Delegation: China
Crisis Award: Netherlands

General Assembly Plenary:

  • Best Delegate: Eric Bueling (Netherlands)
  • Honorable Delegates: Bob Brock (DPR Korea); Ryan Brutger (Cuba)
  • Verbal Commendations: Rob Killian (United States); Evan Gander (Germany)

General Assembly 1st Committee:

  • Best Delegate: Cory Wiltshire ( Syria)
  • Honorable Delegates: Joe Cik (Germany); Cory Kalanick (Kenya)
  • Verbal Commendations: Jimmy Anacker (Netherlands); Van Lang Pham (Russian Federation)


  • Best Delegate: Sundhari Ganesan (Indonesia)
  • Honorable Delegates: John Commings (DPR Korea); Erica Hall (China)
  • Verbal Commendations: Cassidy O'Connell (India)

World Trade Organization:

  • Best Delegate: Zach Pfau (Russian Federation)
  • Honorable Delegates: David Flaherty (Netherlands); Nathan Miles (Madagascar)
  • Verbal Commendations: Chris Patterson (Sri Lanka); Drew Meador (Czech Republic)

United Nations Environmental Programme:

  • Best Delegate: Demitri Plessas (DPR Korea)
  • Honorable Delegates: Stephanie Storey (Sri Lanka); Katie Richardson (Sweden)
  • Verbal Commendations: Mary Doyle (Syria); Amanda Lasky (Costa Rica)

Commission on Human Rights:

  • Best Delegate: Justin Lieshman (Cuba)
  • Honorable Delegates: Kevin Joyce (Sweden); Bill Levine (China)
  • Verbal Commendations: Alicia Warden (Belarus); Eric Petersen (India)

Commission on Social Development:

  • Best Delegate: Kassandra Weary (United States)
  • Honorable Delegates: Daniel Garnass-Holmes (Libya); Nick Darlinton (Madagascar)
  • Verbal Commendations: Libby Gunter (India); Zach Harris (Liberia)

Security Council:

  • Best Delegate: Kevin Furey (Russian Federation)
  • Honorable Delegates: Josh Sykes (Netherlands); Bill Ardesson (Bahrain)
  • Verbal Commendation: Ashley Kirchhoff (United States)
TOP 20 SENIORS - 2000 Montana Model United Nations
Ken Brower Gabon Twin Bridges
Leslie Venetz China C.M. Russell
Katie Richardson Sweden Butte
John Commings DPR Korea Butte
Josh Sykes Netherlands Great Falls
Kevin Furey Russia Hellgate
Kassandra Weary United States Bozeman
Natalie Storey Sri Lanka Park Senior
Zach Harris Liberia Anaconda
Joe Cik Germany Big Sky
Ashley Stoddard Japan Beaverhead
Ashley Kirchhoff United States Bozeman
Dan Villa Liberia Anaconda
Jon Hovan Indonesia Butte
Ian Sulam United States Bozeman
Abby Aronofsky Russian Federation Hellgate
Evan Gander Germany Big Sky
Eric Bueling Netherlands Great Falls
Bob Brock DPR Korea Butte
Robin Crough China C.M. Russell


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