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Survey 2000

Montana Model United Nations and the Maureen and Mike Mansfield Center invite delegates and advisors to fill out this year's Model UN Survey. On this site, you will find forms that are required for each delegate to participate in the survey, however, the survey is OPTIONAL. You will find a student consent form and a parent permission form that must be sent in prior to or on the due date of November 3 to your school advisor, if you wish to take the survey. We will then follow up by supplying your advisor with your own personal access code to fill out the survey. These forms are required by the University of Montana. The survey is focused on the issue of food security and many of these questions were also posed to Montanans in a phone survey conducted during the month of October 2000. However, for our purposes we have also asked questions regarding student interests in international affairs and their international experiences. Those results, and the future results of the Model UN Survey will be announced at the closing ceremonies of the 36th Annual Montana Model United Nations conference Tuesday, November 21. Remember, your voice counts!


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