Montana Model United Nations 2001
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2001 First Topics


Security Council:


The Government of Angola and the opposition force, the National Union for the Total Independence of Angola (UNITA), have been engaged in an intermittent, devastating civil war since the country's independence in 1975. This is Africa's longest running civil war. Angola is in dire need of viable steps toward peace.

GA Plenary:


The world cannot ignore the conflicts in the Middle East, particularly those between the Israelis and the Palestinians. It is time to face the fact that these are problems with global consequences, and the international community must begin considering practical solutions.



Landmines lie at the fore of important disarmament issues today. Millions of landmines litter the ground in war-torn areas. Thirty years after their use in the Viet-Nam war, land mines continue to kill and mutilate innocent victims. Disarming these weapons proves to be an expensive and overwhelmingly time-consuming task. Meanwhile, some countries continue to produce them.

Commission on Human Rights:


Violations of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights have been and continue to be committed on a regular basis in the Israel/Palestine conflict. Both sides have been accused of such violations. It is the duty of the international community to pay special attention to these atrocities and to work to put an end to them.

Commission on the Status of Women:

Trafficking of Women

Trafficking in persons is a fundamental and crucially important challenge in the areas of human rights and law enforcement. Based on reliable estimates, as the American Congress has noted, at least 700,000 persons, especially women, are trafficked each year across international boarders. They are stripped of fundamental human rights, and need to be protected.

World Intellectual Property Organization:

The Internet-Jurisdiction and Applicable Law

The Internet is multi-jurisdictional. Users can access the Internet from almost any place on Earth. Because of packet-switching technology and the complex weave of digital networks and telecommunications infrastructure, digitized information may travel through various countries and jurisdictions, each with its own legal system, in order to reach its destination. In light of the impact of this international medium on a world made up of separate countries, the jurisdictional issues loom large, especially in the context of intellectual property.

Organization of African Unity:

HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, and other Related Infectious Diseases

Over the years, a lot of commitments have been made by Member States in attempts to control these diseases. However, most of the commitments have not been translated into concrete actions and the diseases continue to constitute a challenge for the continent. Stakeholders have also realized that leadership, commitment, resources and poverty alleviation are the key to control of infectious diseases in Africa.

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