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General Assembly Plenary
1. Protection of the Global Climate for Present and Future Generations of Mankind
2. Examining the Ongoing Role of Conflict Diamonds

General Assembly 1
1. Special Session on Peace
2. Peaceful Uses and Exploration of Space

Security Council

1. Genocide in Sudan
2. The Conflict in Chechnya

Economic and Social Council

1. Human Rights Crisis in Sudan
2. Effect of Trade on Social and Economic Development

Economic Commission for Europe

1. European Union Trade Regulations Concerning the Environment
2. The Expanding Role of the Euro

International Labor Organization

1. A Fair Globalization
2. The Effects of Migrant Labor in Israel and Palestine

Department for Disarmament Affairs

1. The Disarmament of Iran
2. The Effect of Cooperative Threat Reduction in Russia and Possible Application to Other Regions

Department of Peace Keeping Operations

1. Rebuilding Kosovo
2. Free Elections Processes in Haiti

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