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Committee Topics for Montana Model UN, 2007

General Assembly Plenary -- Background Guide

  1. The Refugee Situation in Iraq
  2. Improving Progress on the Millennium Development Goals
  3. Strengthening the United Nations in the Global Community

General Assembly 1 (Security Issues) -- Background Guide

  1. Improving the Effectiveness of the International Atomic Energy Agency
  2. Controlling the Small Arms Trade
  3. The Role of Diamonds in Fueling Conflict

Economic and Social Council -- Background Guide

  1. Addressing the Rights of Migrant Workers  
  2. The Situation of Women and Girls in Africa
  3. The Role of the United Nations in Addressing Corruption in Development Aid

Security Council -- Background Guide

  1. Self-Determination and International Security
  2. Threats to Security Caused by Terrorist Acts
  3. Crisis to be announced at the conference

United Nations Environmental Program -- Background Guide

  1. Adjusting to Climate Change
  2. Deforestation in Industrializing Countries
  3. Addressing the Environmental Effects of War

Commission on Narcotic Drugs -- Background Guide
      1.  Strengthening Systems for the Control of Precursor Chemicals to Synthetic Drugs
      2.  Development as a Drug Control Strategy
      3.  Controlling Production and Trafficking of Opium and Cocaine