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Montana Model UN
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2008 Committees and Topics

General Assembly Plenary - Committee History and Structure

  1. Peacebuilding – Topic Guide
  2. Promotion and protection of the rights of children – Topic Guide
  3. Admission of new members to the UN – Topic Guide

General Assembly First Committee (Disarmament and International Security) - Committee History and Structure

  1. Private military companies – Topic Guide
  2. Post-conflict reconstruction in Africa –Topic Guide
  3. The situation in Afghanistan – Topic Guide

General Assembly Second Committee (Economic and Financial) - Committee History and Structure

  1. Promoting sustainable development – Topic Guide
  2. Responding to the international financial crisis – Topic Guide
  3. Globalization and interdependence –Topic Guide

Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)Committee History and Structure

  1. Trafficking in women and children – Topic Guide
  2. Free trade vs. fair trade with developing countries – Topic Guide
  3. Sport for peace and development – Topic Guide

World Food ProgrammeCommittee History and Structure

  1. Responding to rising food prices –Topic Guide
  2. Promoting sustainable food production – Topic Guide
  3. Improving relief operations – Topic Guide

Security Council - Committee History and Structure

  1. Global warming as a security issue – Topic Guide
  2. The situation in Georgia – Topic Guide
  3. The situation in Iran –Topic Guide