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Tools for Delegates

Delegates are urged to put the following documents in a notebook,
along with the Topic Guides for their committees.  Refer to them
during your preparations, and bring them to the conference.  Be sure
to bring your country placard, too!

2010 Welcome Letter for Delegates

  1. Overview of Expectations
  2. Delegate Code of Conduct
  3. Delegate Preparation Guide
  4. Position Paper Writing Guide
  5. Sample Position Paper
  6. Resolution Writing Guide
  7. Resolution Writing Key Terms
  8. Sample Resolution
  9. Rules of Procedure
  10. Rules of Procedure - Short Form
    (Excel Spreadsheet | Adobe PDF)
  11. Making a Country Placard
  12. Developments Guide
  13. About Home Government
  14. New! Speeches and Negotiations (Video)
  15. New! Position Papers (Video)
  16. New! Resolutions (Video)
  17. New! Rules of Procedure (Video)

Watch video from the 2009 Missoula pre-conference workshop here  There are short clips on UN history, parliamentary procedure, Q&A, and a fun simulation using the rules.  Before watching, print the long and short form versions of the rules so you can follow along.