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TCMUN High School Conference

Teton County Model UN High School Conference
Sponsored by Interconnections 21
November 16-17, 2010
Jackson, WY

Background guides provided by Montana Model UN

TCMUN 2010 Committees and Topics

General Assembly Plenary

  1. Addressing the Environmental Effects of War
  2. Promoting and Protecting the Rights of Children
  3. Reforming Membership and Voting on the Security Council

General Assembly First Committee (Disarmament and Security)

  1. Measures to Prevent Terrorists from Acquiring Weapons of Mass Destruction
  2. The Role of Private Military Companies in War
  3. Post-Conflict Reconstruction in Africa

General Assembly Second Committee (Economic and Financial)

  1. The Role of Women in Development
  2. Free Trade vs. Fair Trade with Developing Countries
  3. Addressing the Rights of Migrant Workers

General Assembly Third Committee (Social and Humanitarian)

  1. Reviewing 2001-2010: The Decade to Roll Back Malaria
  2. The Situation in Myanmar
  3. Development as a Drug Control Strategy

Security Council

  1. The Situation in Pakistan
  2. The Situation in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
  3. Protecting Civilians in Armed Conflict