Specimen 201730

Collection: Invertebrate
Catalog No.: 201730
Accn. No.: 447
Case No.:88
Remarks: Genal spines
collector L. Kottas
Jeremy Malmberg- 2008
Specimen Information
Elements: 5
Part: No
Counterpart: No
Taxon InformationLocality Information
Taxon Name: Anomocare sp.Locality No.: MI 9969
Common Name: Trilobite
Order: Continent/Ocean: North America
Family: Country: United States
Genus: State/Province: Montana
Species: County: Gallatin
Body of Water:
Collector InformationTime Period: Paleozoic
Collector: Kottes, L.Group:
Organization: Super Group:
Date Added: 10-21-1999    Last Modified: 07-22-2015

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