Specimen 393

Collection: Vertebrate
Catalog No.: 393
Accn. No.: 117
Case No.:250
Remarks: partial right ramus with M2-M3
Collected 1959
Collector: Fields & Party

Lillegraven, J.A. & Tabrum, A.R. 1983. A new species of Centetodon (Mammalia, Insectivora, Geolabididae) from southwestern Montana and its biogeographical implications. Contributions to Geology, University of Wyoming, Vol.22, No.1: 57-73 pp.
KMoore - 2010
Specimen Information
Type Status: referenced
Elements: 1
Part: No
Counterpart: No
Taxon InformationLocality Information
Taxon Name: Centetodon kuenziiLocality No.: MV 5810
Common Name: Insectovore
Order: Insectivora Continent/Ocean: North America
Family: Geolabididae Country: United States
Genus: Centetodon State/Province: Montana
Species: kuenzii County: Jefferson
Body of Water:
Collector InformationTime Period: Cenozoic: Neogene: Miocene: Unknown
Collector: Fields, R. W.Group:
Organization: Super Group:
Date Added: 12-05-2006    Last Modified: 03-25-2015

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