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The Pre–Law advising program helps students become well-informed and well-prepared applicants to law school.

Pre–Law Advising Committee:

  • Soazig Le Bihan (Assistant Professor, Philosophy): Coordinator
  • Len Broberg (Professor, EVST)
  • James Burfeind (Professor, Sociology)
  • Casey Charles (Professor, English)
  • Amanda Dawsey (Assistant Professor, Economics)
  • Dan Doyle (Professor, Sociology)
  • Jerry Furniss (Professor, Management)
  • James Lopach (Professor, Political Science)
  • Michael Mayer (Professor, History)
  • Jack Morton (Professor, Management)
  • Celia Winkler (Professor, Sociology)

Pre–Law students are required to choose a degree major in which they will specialize. If possible, students should contact their Pre–Law advisor in the department of the major they elected. If a student majors in a department in which there is no Pre–Law advisor, then he or she should contact the Pre–Law Advising Committee Coordinator, Prof. Soazig Le Bihan.

The role of a Pre–Law advisor is to:

  • discuss career choices and whether law school is a good fit for you
  • discuss curricular choices for a better preparation for law school
  • help you through the application process to law school, which includes :
    • selecting which law schools to apply to,
    • preparing for the LSAT,
    • obtaining letters of recommendation,
    • writing your personal statement and essays.

Many students go to law school without any specific advance preparation for the study of law. Often such students complete their undergraduate work with other careers, or programs of study, in mind. Indeed, many different academic disciplines, and many different life experiences, including work experience, can effectively prepare one for law school and the practice of law. What the Pre–Law Advising Committee offers is some advice to the undergraduate student who asks, “What can I do to prepare myself for law school and a successful career in the Law?”