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SSRL 2007

SSRL lab monitors

Social Science Research Lab website

The main lab room (262) is usually available for students to do their own work. [There may be some days when that room or a portion of it is reserved for instruction so check the schedule on the door if you are entering.] Room 258 is a lab classroom. There is a schedule posted on the door of classes that meet in that room each semester. If a class is in session, please do not enter and if you are working in 258, please leave when the class begins. If there is no class scheduled, you may also use the computers in this room for independent work.

The SSRL is run by Chuck Harris. Nikki Camp is in charge of lab monitors and operations and is our main contact person from sociology. Nikki is a Graduate Research Assistant, working in criminology on her Master's thesis in Sociology. He is the "first responder" for problems that require administrative support (orientations, login problems, specialized software installations, etc.) All lab personnel can be reached through email at: Other lab assistants will also respond to this email account.

In addition to Chuck and Nikki, there are lab assistants who are on duty every weekday and occasionally on the weekends. Assistants receive training on some of the specialized software and hardware tools in the labs. You may check the assistants' schedule posted in SS252 at the beginning of the semester and drop in for lab-related assistance.

SSRL Rules

PCs are normally switched on by the first lab monitor and shut down at the end of the day. During the day, be sure to "log off" of your workstation. If you work late in the day or on evenings/weekends, if no one is waiting to use your PC, go ahead and "shut down" when you leave.

  • Don't give out the door combinations to anyone, and don't block the door open.
  • Don't set any food or drink on the same work surface as any computer. (While food and drink are allowed in the lab - unlike most other labs on campus or anywhere else - they should NEVER be placed near the computers.)
  • Don't install any software on any computer - if in doubt about a browser application or other tool, ask a lab monitor.
  • Leave your computer desktop and work area neat and clean when you leave.
small groups lab 2007

Small groups lab, experimental groups done

Past research projects range from studying perceptions of stereotypes and their influence on identities; willingness to hire employees with large, clearly visible tattoos; focus groups about guilt in response to discrimination against others, and overcompensation when gender or rural identities are challenged. Students and faculty who wish to use the facilities for research projects should contact the Chair of the Sociology Department, Kathy Kuipers at

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