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Minor Requirements

Requirements for a minor in South and Southeast Asian Studies, with a major in any discipline:
  1. SSEA/ANTY/LS 102H (three credits).
  2. Six credits in lower division (100-200) courses: SSEA/LS 202, SSEA/RLST 232H (RELS 232H), SSEA/RLST 234 (RELS 234), and SSEA/SOCI 212S (SOC 212H).
  3. Nine credits from the following list in upper division (300 and above) courses, of which at least 3 credits must be in the humanities, and 3 credits in the social sciences.
  4. No language courses are required.  However, students are encouraged to study regional languages through summer institutes, such as SEASSI, or through accredited study abroad experiences in either South, or Southeast AsiaThe following is a list of SSEA courses for the Minor.  Please refer to the Current Courses page for additional details.
    SSEA/ANTY/LS 102H Introduction to South and Southeast Asia;colorful decorative image of the goddess Saraswati
    SSEA 191 Special Topics
    SSEA/LS 202X Introduction to India
    SSEA/SOCI 212S (SOC 212H) Social Issues in Southeast Asia
    SSEA/RLST 232 H (RELS 232H) Buddhism
    SSEA/RLST 234 (RELS 234) Hinduism
    SSEA 291 Special Topics
    SSEA/ANTY 330X Peoples and Cultures of the World: Indonesia and the Philippines
    SSEA/RLST 353 (RELS 353) Topics in South Asian Religions
    SSEA/RLST 366 (RELS 366) Tibetan Civilization
    SSEA/RLST 368 (RELS 368) Contemporary Buddhism in South and Southeast Asia
    SEA 391 Special Topics
    SSEA/ANTY 440 Contemporary Issues of Southeast Asia
    SSEA 491 Special Topics