Quite Before You Graduate Events

The Curry Health Center is hosting a seminar series, Quit Before you Graduate, to encourage and support smoking cessation among students. The Event is slated for Thursday, April 30 and includes the following seminars:
10-11 (UC 215): Rita Garland
This speaker will be discussing information about what to look for with insurance after college. She will describe what to find with insurance that a job will provide and where to find ACA information if a person does not have insurance yet. Rita will also address how using tobacco will affect insurance.
2-3 (UC 216): Laurie Fisher
We will have a great seminar over forming and editing the perfect resume/cover letter for applying to jobs!
3-4 (UC 216): Julie Pavlish
We are lucky to have a great presentation about managing finances! They are going to incorporate Financial Education into the goals of cessation of tobacco use!
4-5 (UC 216): Emily Hansen
We will be having a presentation on the consequences of addictions! The effects of addictions on relationships will be discussed.